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At MittLogik, the recruitment process is rigorous, so you join the best of the best. We always keep our doors open and welcome candidates from all over the world.


For you, who want to join our fantastic team, we give you an overview of the recruitment process

Our Recruitment Process


Matching skill sets with a competency matrix. We are constantly looking for candidates with skill sets in our focus areas - Wireless, Mobility, AI, Data Science, Digitisation and more.


Technical Assessment. This consists of an online test followed by a technical discussion with an in-house expert.


Offer. On successful completion of assessment, an employment offer is sent detailing the terms of employment


People experience team evaluation. At Mittlogik, we strongly believe that soft skills play an important role in success along with technical expertise.


Project Discussion. In some cases, there is an additional round of discussion with the lead of the project in question.


Relocation. MittLogik has a fast track migration process and assists in all steps towards moving to Sweden in case of international candidates

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