IT Consulting
& Services

In the ubiquitous, progressive and transitional world of Information Technology, we share knowledge and build bridges that help shape a better tomorrow.. 


Areas of expertise

We work on a broad spectrum of technologies within the IT industry. Our technical expertise has been successfully used in leading banking, wireless and automotive sectors in Europe.


We partner with dedicated individuals and clients who share a similar drive and vision when it comes to shaping the future of IT.


Our operations are currently based in Malmö, Lund Gothenburg and Stockholm and is soon set to expand to mainland Europe.


Our process is formulated to ensure clarity, transparency and a level of competency and professionalism that defines us. 


Today there is a need for increased connectivity and a greater demand for innovative solutions. Our extensive industry experience comes in handy here.


We try to come up with sophisticated, innovative and enhanced solutions in technology and communication systems that provide a leeway to accommodate existing knowledge and a deeper consumer insight.

Join Us!

"Senior Java developers who can transform ideas into readable and effective code.”


What you bring 

  • Java programming language is your mother tongue

  • Experience with cloud platforms

  • Good experience with Agile working ways


"We are unbiased when it comes to giving opportunities to individuals as long as they share our passion and our values in working towards a common goal."