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Safer Crossways using I2V

A preliminary study partially funded by Vinnova (Sweden's Innovation Agency). The study aims to evaluate the feasibility of defining a non-proprietary, communications-agnostic RSU platform architecture. MittLogik Solutions, Sigma Technology Embedded Network and RISE (Research Institutes of Sweden) form the consortium.


'Safer Crossways using I2V'  is a forward-thinking initiative that aims to enhance road safety by improving communication between roadside infrastructure and vehicles. This project, supported by Vinnova, is set to run from August 2024 to February 2025. It builds on the concept of intelligent intersections, which can significantly reduce accidents by providing vehicles with real-time data about signal phases, blind spots, and potential hazards. This approach not only promises to make crossways safer for drivers but also for pedestrians and cyclists, contributing to the broader goals of traffic-safe automation and the Vision Zero initiative to eliminate traffic fatalities and serious injuries.

While pedetrian detection and alerting systems exist, their uptake has been slow due to many barriers including cost. This project envisions creating an open architecture and standardisation for the centre piece of a smart crossway, namely the Road Side Unit (RSU). Developing open standards simplifies system complexity, enhances cost-effectiveness, promotes vendor neutrality, and ensures interoperability. This can eventually streamline implementation and maintenance, leading to faster deployments and ultimately contributing to reduced road fatalities.

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Sudha Padmanabhan

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